Understanding the Difference Between Spray Tanning and UV Tanning

Glowing and flawless skin goes a long way in boosting one’s confidence. While various beauty treatments are available, tanning is a popular choice for many. Tanning offers a great solution to people looking for youthful and glowing skin at an affordable price. However, sun tanning comes with its fair share of disadvantages. The most critical one is exposure to UV rays. Thus, most tan artists, like the ones at Versaspa tan near me, vouch for sunless tanning methods like spray tanning and automated tanning beds. 

But when it comes to skincare, most people focus on the facial area. They forget about the body and often leave it to its own. Moreover, your ultimate goal shouldn’t be just having a tanned skin tone; instead, it should have healthy and glowing skin. Tanning is a comprehensive beauty treatment that takes of your skin tone as well as skincare. 

The majority of the population desires flawless and wrinkle-free skin. They invest a great deal in anti-aging creams and treatments. However, anti-aging creams and sunscreen lotions offer partial coverage or minimum protection from the sun’s UV rays. Thanks to innovative sunless tanninIf you are still trying to decide whether to go for spray tanning or UV tanning, this blog will help you make a choice. 

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a process of spraying the tan solution on the body. The spray tan solution has dihydroxyacetone as the active ingredient. When it comes in contact with the skin cell’s amino acid, the DHA darkens the skin cell. The chemical reaction is similar to natural tanning. The effect of a spray tan can last anywhere from one to two weeks. The spray tan naturally sheds without causing any damage to the skin.

Moreover, many spray tan solutions have natural ingredients actually to moisturize and hydrate the skin cells. With an extra layer of hydration, the skin becog techniques like spray tanning, it’s possible to have glowing and spotless skin in less than an hour. 

mes supple and wrinkle-free. Besides this, since there is no exposure to UV rays, there is no damage to the skin or risk of skin cancer. 

UV Tanning

You might have come across ads for anti-aging skincare products and treatments promising to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. But do you know exposure to UV rays is the prime reason for fine lines and anti-aging signs? Prolonged exposure to sun’s ray or UV rays, whether by spending more time outdoors without protection or in a UV tanning bed, can lead to skin damage. Besides fine lines and wrinkles, UV rays exposure leads to hyperpigmentation. People who have extra sensitive skin are more prone to age spots and pigmentations on their hands, chest, and face. 

While UV tanning is an effective method to achieve glowing skin tone, it has some disadvantages worth mentioning. Scientific studies and research have revealed that UV tanning can increase skin cancer risk. Since skin cancer is not easy to detect and doesn’t manifest at an early age, it can be deadly in some cases. 

Given the health and beauty advantages of spray tanning over UV tanning, more and more spray tan places are popping up. People are acknowledging the benefits offered by spray tanning and recognizing the dangers associated with UV tanning.