Non Toxic Living each Day

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  Yes, we can really live without the toxic stuff we all seem to need?  The big news currently is the implementation of the new health care system in the US.  It does not seem like most people know what this means to them or us, as a whole.  Wait and see! 

Welcome to our website for non toxic living in this day and age.  The world scene keeps changing with many countries over-throwing their tyrants and dictators, ie, Libya and Egypt.  Since our last major update, we have had the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and now we are seeing continued unrest in the Middle East.  When will we as humans get it right that we need to reduce the amount of oil and hydro-carbons that we use and burn. 

Only the next ten or twenty years will tell us how bad this toxic disaster was/is to the environment and the people that call the gulf area home.  The purpose of this site is to provide information and links to other sites that may help you and people you know to start or continue living a healthy lifestyle.  Everyday we hear about more and more disease, pollutions and other items in our world that could be affecting our health.  Not just our health, but our children's. 

It is still weird that we can do incredible things and yet we have not found a cure for Cancer.  The Cancer rates are still increasing and growing each year and this needs to stop now.  It is a widely held belief that today's chemicals and cleaning compounds may be contributing to this Cancer nightmare. 

Think globally, but acting locally is not just a phrase anymore.  It is a call to action.  All of us can do things on a daily basis that will allow for each of us to maintain a better and healthier life.  We hear it everyday, Green this, Green that.  What does it mean?  We will try to shed some light on these slogans and hopefully give some insight as to what our earth is experiencing, what we can do about it, what products can help us and what we need to avoid.

Every day we make choices and everyday we make a selection with regard to those choices.  Our selections are based on past history or our information.  Sometimes our past history is just using or doing what our parents did and our information may have come from the same sources.  Understanding that our behavior may not include making the best selections and choices does not mean we are foolish, it just means that we may want to look at additional information and think about our selections.

Cancer is very prevalent in today's world and we understand some of the causes, but not all.  Same with many other diseases that we are hearing about on a daily basis.  Could our eating and cleaning habits be contributing to these diseases?  We are not sure, but, we feel that there are some choices we can make that will give us a better chance of staying healthy.  We believe there are positive steps one can make to make efforts to be and stay healthy. This site is a work in progress and we will update and expand as we go. 

Once again, thank you for visiting and if you have any information to share, please contact us and we will look at it.  It is time that we all take issue with our health and environment and how we are treating our bodies and what is being exposed to us.  It usually takes a very unfortunate illness or someone that is very close to us being sick or dying before we take action.  Believe it or not, everyday we are absorbing chemicals and poisons into our bodies and it is dangerous.  Let's all start getting active on our local scales so that we can help with the global remedy. 

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Please let us know if you have something of importance that we might be interested in publishing here on  Peace!